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Credit Card Processing for Less The Competition
When will deposits show up in your account? Next Business Day 2-3 Business Days
Terminal Receipt Paper FREE Purchased by you
Equipment FREE Purchased by you
Customer Service Direct Access to the Agency Owner Next Available Rep at 800 #
Pricing Model Clear / Transparent Confusing / Deceptive



Since 2011, Credit Card Processing For Less been helping local business owners based on Long Island receive top notch local client service while at the same time permanently reducing the fees that go along with processing card transactions.   As an independent agency, Credit Card Processing For Less acts as a broker and places your merchant account with one of several national processing companies that are respected and trusted.   As an independent agent, Vic works for his clients, not for the processing company.

Ask yourself this question…

If you knew that you had the option to permanently reduce your credit card processing fees AND work with a local agent who provides better customer service than your current vendor, would it make sense to consider that option?

Of course it would!   In the credit card processing industry, the industry standard is that once an account is successfully installed, the merchant is given an 800 number that routes your call to an out of state (or out of country) call center where the next available representative answers your call.    Depending on the time of the day, the call volume, and the staffing of the call center, you may be on hold for quite a while before you are able to speak to somebody.   Also, these call centers often have 10-50 representatives in a single area and it may be difficult to hear them because of the noise.   When you finally do get somebody on the phone, the reps that answer your call will typically have minimal training and chances are good that your question may need to be handed off to a “higher level” representative.   Sound familiar?

This model is obviously not built around making sure the merchant’s time is well spent and issues are resolved in a single phone call.    When you work with Credit Card Processing For Less, there are no auto attendants and there is no menu of extensions to sort through before you get to speak to somebody.      The difference is night and day.

What makes working with Credit Card Processing For Less a smarter choice?

  • Your primary point of contact is the owner of the agency

There is no monetary value that can be placed on this, but the advantages are significant.   No more dealing with salespeople who receive a one-time commission once the sale is made and are nowhere to be found should you ever need assistance.     Working with somebody who knows you on a first name basis always translates to a much better client experience.

  • Every merchant account is set up with NO cancellation fees   

Outside of the obvious advantages of saving my clients time and money, having no cancellation fees on your account is the ultimate expression of accountability and confidence.

  • Free loaner equipment and free terminal receipt paper   

Regardless of your monthly processing volume, none of my clients pay for terminal receipt paper or equipment.    Simply contact me when you are down to a few rolls and you will have a full case within a few business days.